Minas Samatas

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Minas Samatas holds a Ph.D. in sociology from New School for Social Research, NYC, USA; he is currently Professor in the Sociology Department, University of Crete, Greece. He is author of: Surveillance in Greece: From Anti-Communist to Consumer Surveillance (Pella, N.Y.  2004). The ‘Super-Panopticon’ Scandal and its Legacy in the Athens 2004 Olympics (Pella, N.Y. 2014). He is editor of: Facets of New Surveillance: International and Greek approaches, Vivliorama, Athens 2010 (in Greek); Surveillance and Democracy, co-edited with Kevin Haggerty, Routledge, Oxon UK, 2010.

Key areas: Surveillance, Political sociology, Information Society and Internet, Greek State and Society.