Working Groups.

The Working Groups (WG) are an essential element for carrying out the activities of the Action. They will be submitted to a rigorous organization linked to the content of each phase. Their structure and tasks will be oriented towards the achievements and products forecasted for each phase. Thus, they may change in the different phases or change their tasks maintaining the composition. 

 WG1 – Terminology and Bibliography Terminology and Bibliography
 WG 1-I Crime prevention and Transport
 WG2 – Standard TR 14383-2 Standard TR 14383-2
 WG 2-II Innovation in Crime prevention through Urban Design and Planning (CP-UDP), content & process
 WG3 – Methodology and grid of case studies Scientific Supervision of Case Studies
 WG 3-II Scientific Supervision of Case Studies
 WG4 – Crime theories Crime Prevention theories
 WG5 – Platform for networking and dissemination Networking and Dissemination
 WG6 – Preparing cases of studies Junior Network