Svetlana S. Stanarevic.

Svetlana S. Stanarevic

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Dr Svetlana S. Stanarevic has a PhD in Defence, Security and Protection Studies.  Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Security Studies in the University of Belgrade, within the Chair of Security holding the subjects Basic Security. At the Faculty of Law in the University of Novi Sad she hold the subject Security Culture. She is the Coordinator of the Human Security Research Center (Center is an organizational unit based at the Faculty of Security Studies) – She defended her doctoral dissertation on the topic Concept of security culture and assumptions of its development.

Professionally, among other things, she was involved in drafting the National Youth Strategy (2007/08), the Action Plan for the implementation of the National Youth Strategy (2008) and the Law on Youth (2012) as a member of the advisory group. Co-author of two textbooks, four monographs and author of several works in (scientific, professional, research) publications.

Key areas: crime prevention, security culture, human security, security in local community, youth safety