Michael Landzelius.

Michael Landzelius

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Dr. Michael Landzelius, PhD in Conservation of Built Environments, Associate Professor, and Director of the Urban Safety and Societal Security Research Center (URBSEC), Gothenburg University and Chalmers University of Technology. URBSEC offers an interface between academia and practice where needs and problems as experienced by various social actors can be transformed into research projects that involve both technological and social innovation aspects. Researchers from more than a dozen departments are involved in the four Priority Research Areas: Politics and Governance; Communication and Interaction; Infrastructures and Interdependencies; and Sustainability and Resilience. Dr. Landzelius’ research before taking on leadership for URBSEC was oriented towards Urban Geography with a focus on urban meaning-making and conflicts; he did part of his PhD-studies in Cultural Geography at University of Syracuse, and at University of California, Berkeley, USA; and a Postdoc at University of Cambridge, UK. As director of URBSEC, his role is, in short, to manage the center, build networks, initiate projects, and facilitate collaboration between diverse actors in academia and the public as well as private sector.


Urban Safety and Societal Security Research Center (URBSEC)

University of Gothenburg | Chalmers University of Technology

Lindholmsplatsen 1

SE 412 96 Gothenburg, Sweden

Phone: +46 (0)31 772 6080

Fax: +46 (0)31 7724899

E-mail: michael.landzelius@gu.se | michael.landzelius@chalmers.se

Visiting Address: Lindholmsplatsen 1, Kuggen, office 3.06

Web: www.urbsec.se