Irina Matijošaitiené.

Irina Matijošaitiené

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PhD in 2011 in Technological Sciences, Environmental Engineering with the dissertation theme “The Principles of Formation of the Hedonomic Road Landscape” by Kaunas University of Technology. In 2014 a Post-doc researcher, theme “Urban Crime and Social Spatial Structure of City“ by Yale University.

Current job positions: Assoc. Prof. at Kaunas University of Technology, Department of Architecture and Urbanism (Kaunas, Lithuania), since February 1, 2013 Scholar at Yale University, McMillan Center (New Haven, USA), since March 1, 2014

Projects: head of 3 national projects, participant of 2 international (INTERREG and COST) and 6 national projects, about urban crime, visual quality and safety of road landscape.

Publications: Author and co-author of more than 30 scientific papers.

Key areas: urban design and planning, crime analysis, space syntax.