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Publications on Urban Safety in French

Posted on November 13, 2014 · Posted in Uncategorized

by Marie-Aude Corbillé*

The French Ministry of Sustainable Development has published two brochures on urban safety:

1. User Safety and Urban Design

Human beings react in a sensitive way to their urban environment. They use it as a resource for their own goals, but in the context of opportunities presented to them. Urban planning and urban management can play an important role in providing urban safety, if local authorities and designers are aware of this simple fact. This publication reviews the principles than can guide the integration of crime prevention in urban design.

The brochure (in French) can be downloaded here.

2. The contribution of safety reports to urban quality

These four case studies show how safety reports have been implemented since 2007 and what contributes to their efficiency. Collected by The “Club Ville Aménagement”, the “Plan Urbanism Construction Architecture (PUCA)”, the “Point d’appui national sûreté et sécurité urbaine” these case studies focus on several questions: What is the convenient moment to introduce safety reflections into the urban project? What are the minimum conditions for successful measures? How could local authorities, architects, urban planners and police work with the subject? This publication presents the results of this reflexion.

The brochure (in French) can be downloaded here.




* Marie-Aude Corbillé

Urban planner and sociologist

Centre d’Études et d’Expertise sur les Risques, l’Environnement, la Mobilité et l’Aménagement
Bureau d’Etudes du Ministère de l’Écologie, du Développement Durable et de l’Énergie
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