Summer School.

Summer School – Copenhagen, 22–30 August 2015

Crime prevention and the feeling of safety is of increasing concern in Europe. The EU COST Action on Crime
Prevention through Urban Design & Planning (CP-UDP) has a unique international and up-to-date
competence in it’s field and has already produced several important European reports (see ). The focus is on situational crime prevention primarily through the built environment
or Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) as it is called in the USA. The relations
between architecture and human actions are most clear where the usual norms are broken, as they are
with crime and other uncivilized behaviour. Here is an extraordinary possibility to get interesting evidence
on how urban planning and design effects daily life. Crime prevention through the built environment has
proven to have a great effect in reducing crime and improving the feeling of safety — if carried out in the
right way in relation to the specific context.

The Copenhagen Summer School will train young academics from 21 countries in the theory and practice of
crime prevention through urban design and planning by a one week intense course with a specific case
study, the Inner Nørrebro district in central Copenhagen. The purpose is to produce concrete analyses and
proposals for improvements in the district with the best methods available. A further goal is to use the
results of the Summer School to advance interest and knowledge about Crime Prevention through Urban
Design & Planning in each of the participating countries, and to produce an exhibition and report for the
final conference of the COST TU1203 Action in November 2016.


The Summer School venue is be located in the City of Copenhagen public building “Støberiet” (The Foundry), Blågårds Plads 2, Copenhagen N, in the middle of the case study area. The City of Copenhagen Nørrebro renewal office is located in the same building as well as a public library. The final Summer School projects presentation and evaluation, Saturday 29 August, will take place nearby in the large auditorium at ActionAid Denmark (Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke), Fælledvej 12, Copenhagen N.

Trainee diploma

Attendance will be rewarded by a course diploma signed by the instructors.

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