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Cooperation in Partnerships and Process of CP-UDP

Posted on September 5, 2017 · Posted in Uncategorized

One of the objectives of the COST action Crime Prevention through Urban Design and Planning is to produce a series of publications and make them available to a broader audience. We are happy to present this time the document entitle: Cooperation in Partnerships and Process of CP-UDP”. You can download it directly here or by visiting the download centre and searching under “results”.


Executive Summary

This booklet on Partnership & Process summarizes the analysis made by a working group of the COST action TU 1203 of processes and partnerships for Crime Prevention through Urban Design and Planning (CP-UDP) based on several experiences in different countries. Building on the different case studies (appendix) we identified and selected the main strategies used to develop the partnerships and also the main processes used to prevent crime from a CP-UDP perspective. As we will see the two key concepts – partnerships and processes – are often interwoven.

When analysing the case studies and national reports we have taken in account the overall socio-political conditions and the culture of each country. This is important if we want to build a common knowledge base for a European CP-UDP strategy.


Authors of this booklet are: Herbert Schubert, Paul van Soomeren, Daniela Idrovo, Elad Persov, Randy Bloeme, Miguel Saraiva 


Download case study as .pdf