WG 3-II – Scientific Supervision of Case Studies.

WG 3-II Scientific Supervision of Case Studies


LEADERS: Dr Caroline Davey and Andrew Wootton
Design Against Crime Solution Centre, University of Salford, UK


WG3 is concerned with the practical application of design-led crime prevention, and will supervise the development a series of case studies relating to Crime Prevention Through Urban Design and Planning (CP-UDP). WG3 members will be actively involved in:
1. The identification of appropriate case studies relevant to academics and practitioners working in the fields of crime prevention, design and urban planning
2. Advising on the use of scientific research methodologies for data collection and analysis.
3. Analysing case study results in order to classify different approaches and contexts, identify lessons learned and assess transferability to other local and national contexts
4. Exploring examples of new and/or innovative processes and practice
5. Supporting the drafting, editing, publication and dissemination of case studies.

The outputs of WG3 will contribute to policy debate about the design, management and planning of urban environments. WG3 will develop conceptual models to classify and communicate case study findings, and use these to help identify opportunities for practical intervention and support by the COST Action.

If you are interested in joining this Working Group, please email your name and affiliation to c.davey@salford.ac.uk and a.wootton@salford.ac.uk, and include details of: (i) your motivation for joining the WG; (ii) the contribution you feel you could make to WG3 based on your experience, research interests and/or professional profile.
Please also indicate whether your organisation is hosting or supporting a COST TU1203 case study visit and/or write up.